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Splits Timing offers professional race timing for your event at the most affordable rate on the market. Our job is to make the race director's job easier and offer peace of mind while using less of your race budget. We specialize in the heart and soul of the sport, grass-roots events under 1500 athletes. We can help by timing your event or also by providing a number of useful products and services to help your race be the best it can be. Click on the "Other Services" tab to view our full range of services. We use reusable ankle bracelets and the proven, reliable and accurate Jaguar Timing System. We have a display clock that also displays the athletes name as they cross the line and are very self sufficient only requiring 2 volunteers from the race crew to remove ankle bracelets. Let us help you with your next event. We guarantee our work and are happy to provide you with a quote, it will be the most affordable quote you receive, guaranteed. Thanks for considering us and good luck with your event.